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Distinguished and Famous people from Cobar

Sir Sidney Kidman (1857-1935)

Sir Sidney Kidman, widely known as the "Cattle King," was born in Cobar. A legendary pastoralist and entrepreneur, Kidman established a vast and successful cattle empire spanning across various regions in Australia during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His contributions to the Australian livestock industry and his philanthropic endeavors left a lasting impact on the nation's agricultural landscape.

Ernie McCormick (1887-1941)

Ernie McCormick, born in Cobar, was an accomplished Australian rules footballer. He played for both the Melbourne Football Club and Richmond Football Club during his career. As a highly skilled and versatile player, McCormick is remembered as one of the game's greats, earning him a place in the Australian Football Hall of Fame.

Max Dunn (1918-2009)

Max Dunn, a renowned Australian artist, was born and raised in Cobar. His exceptional talent and passion for art led him to create extraordinary landscape paintings that captured the beauty and essence of the Australian outback. Dunn's works have been exhibited widely, and he is considered a significant figure in the Australian art scene.

Rosie Batty (born 1962)

Rosie Batty, an influential campaigner against domestic violence, was born in Cobar. Her personal tragedy―the murder of her 11-year-old son by his father in 2014―prompted her to become an advocate for change and raise awareness about domestic violence issues. Batty's tireless efforts have not only made a significant impact in Australia but also garnered international recognition, including being named Australian of the Year in 2015.

Janine Haines (1945-2004)

Janine Haines, the first female leader of an Australian political party to be elected to the Australian Senate, hailed from Cobar. Haines was a prominent figure in the Australian Democrats, serving as their leader from 1986 to 1990. She played a vital role in shaping Australian politics and advocating for various social and environmental reforms throughout her career.

George Tuson (1907-1985)

George Tuson, born in Cobar, was an Australian rules footballer known for his exceptional skills as a ruckman. He played for Footscray Football Club (now Western Bulldogs) in the Victorian Football League (VFL). Tuson's impact on the field and his dedication to advancing the sport have earned him a place in the Footscray/Western Bulldogs Hall of Fame.

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